Earth and Sky Musings

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Green Smoothie Challenge!

By Barb Alpert / January 8, 2021

Did you ever make New Year’s resolutions only to break them in a few days? I personally do not want to set resolutions. Instead I set intentions and visualize how they look in my life. This is why I decided to do a Green Smoothie Challenge. In place of trying to change a bunch of…

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Healthy Goodies Classes!

By Barb Alpert / December 8, 2020

HOLIDAY COOKING CLASSES!!  Do these yummy good- for- you treats look enticing enough that you would like to learn to make them? Do you want to make treats to gift to your friends?  What would you say if they are treats that are actually nutrient packed and good for you and your friends?  I am…

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Autumn Cleanse Nov. 2nd-Nov. 19th

By Barb Alpert / October 27, 2020

Get ready for the holidays, boost your winter immunity, and eliminate what impedes you from feeling your best.  We will meet twice a week on a Zoom format to learn how and why, and to answer any questions so you can be successful at this beautiful cleanse.  Register below to join the group! Today we…

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What Kind of Cheesecake do You Like?

By Barb Alpert / October 18, 2020

My friend Tim Boltin of Delicate Decadence and I did a cheesecake duel. In this short video, we show some of the differences of how his very traditional (and delicious) cheesecake and my vegan nongluten no sugar cheesecake (also delicious!) are made and why I choose my ingredients. Conclusion: Tim was surprised at how much…

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The Butterfly Effect

By Barb Alpert / September 24, 2020

What is the Butterfly Effect? When a butterfly flutters its wings in one place, it affects something else that may be seemingly unaffected. When you think a thought or feel a feeling, it affects another part of your body or something around the world that you may not know is affected. In our bodies, everything…

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