Massage Therapy

Inspiration ~ Connection ~ Joy

Feel better as you relax and heal your mind and body and begin to align with your spirit! Investing in Massage is investing in your health and quality of life!

Table Massage

Relaxation Massage  - Let your body unwind with a general relaxation mainly Swedish style massage with special infused herbal oils- 60 minutes - $80, 75 minutes - $95, 90 minutes - $110

Deep Tissue Massage - Let those muscles go, relax those fascia, find a new sense of wellbeing -  60 minutes- $80, 75 minutes- $95, 90 minutes - $110

Healing Stone Massage - Relax and let go as the warmth of the stones penetrates deeply into your tissues.  This is true pampering at the same time your body gets some incredible work!  Thermotherapy (hot and cold stones) helps to release stuck spots...          90 minutes $125

Reflexology - Your whole body can be worked through your feet.  Come ready to relax and heal in a deep way.  50 minutes - $60, series of half hours to work on specific issues - $40 each, or pay ahead for 6 half hours for $210.

Maternity Massage - a monthly massage during pregnancy and right after birth is perfect for mom as her whole body changes to accomodate to baby's needs.  If you get 5 massages during your pregnancy, you get a free one on me after your baby is born!  60 minutes - $80

Series of 10 sessions of Zentherapy Structural Work - $120/session with 10 session commitment. This is my teacher Dub Leigh's version of Rolfing.  It is deep tissue structural realignment.  It is very powerful work.

John F. Barnes Myofascial Release - 60 minutes - $85.00, 90 minutes - $120 - My hands will gently sink into your tissue until they reach the fascial layer.  Then we will begin to feel movement deep in the fascia.  You will release solidified fascia that holds your structure and your emotions. This is also very powerful work.

Ayurvedic Massage - a fluid, relaxing, lymph stimulating, rhythmic massage done with beautiful Ayurvedic oils, which will melt you and send you to a wonderful parasympathetic place.  60 minutes - $85, 90 minutes - $115

Lomi Lomi Massage - a beautiful, wave-like flowing Hawaiian massage that is also a deep tissue.  You will leave feeling refreshed and cared for and a little dreamy!  80 minutes - $110

Cupping - This can be a whole massage or added to your massage as needed.  Cupping is an ancient modality and ties in well with Shiatsu meridians, but modern cupping therapy also assists with releasing old stuck places in a way that goes very well with massage but addresses some places that massage is unable to move.  It also helps lymphatic flow a lot and will aid circulation to return to under-circulated places, like feet.

Mat Massage

Shiatsu Massage - Done on a mat on a floor, you wear loose or stretchy clothing.  This massage uses the acupuncture meridians to release the blocks in your body so that you are open and flowing - 90 minutes - $105

Thai Yoga Massage - The ultimate yoga session, letting someone else stretch you and work all your sen lines until you are in a deep savasana. Please wear loose or stretchy clothing.  90 minutes - $105

"I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a mecca for great massage therapists, and I've tried a number of them.  But I've never had a better massage than I have with Barb, who comes to New Mexico at least twice a year.  She's been doing massage for 30-some years, and every year she gets additional training.

She's an intuitive, so I let her do her own thing, which has included relaxing massage, deep tissue, myofascial release, cupping, Thai massage, and others.

I always recommend her to folks she is around. She also makes a good gift for friends!"

~ Rebecca Massee

"Barb has managed to keep this aging old man going.  She is part of my health regimen through herbal remedies, recommendations, yoga weekly and massage every two weeks.  Her massage balances my body and makes me feel so much better! 

My outlook and well-being is partly due to  her professionalism, presence and patience.  She gives me that “Blue Zone” feeling that I could live to 100.    Thank you Barb."     

 ~ Bill Doelger

Covid Safety Precautions

I have returned to doing massage, as here in Vermont, Covid has been fairly controlled.  In order to stay healthy and insure safety for all, both my clients and I are wearing masks face-up and face-down.  I have put in more stringent cleaning protocols, and I have purchased and have in use a Better Air Biotica Ecological Balancing System air cleaner.  It puts probiotics into the air and has been well tested to minimize all bad bacteria, viruses, and molds, similar to what the probiotics in our guts do, but for the home and business space!  I ask that anyone not feeling good or who has just traveled and not quarantined stay home.  Others are welcome!