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Yoga graduation -double forearm stand
Barbara Alpert in Prayer Pose

If you, like so many others in our world right now, are going and going and have trouble slowing down, yoga might be great for you.  You can have a combo workout, stretching, meditation, and deep restorative rest all in one class period.  Or you may get to learn some pranayama  (breathing exercises) and/or some chant.  Each class contains some of these components.  You will love how it cues in your parasympathetic nervous system, rest and digest, feel and heal.

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0801170805head stand splits

"I started  taking yoga online with Barb ever since the lock-down began.

I happened to come across Grateful Yoga link on Facebook and saw the online live class scheduled with Barb on Fridays at 4:30. I thought this would be a great way to wrap up the week after homeschooling my 3 kids and

I’m pretty sure Barb saved my sanity. Anyway I did it and kept coming back week after week and it was so much fun! Barb has taught me things I’ve never done before in yoga like moon salutes and these complex balancing sequences that transform you into multiple poses without releasing your balance.

Occasionally you might fall out of balance or she does and she’ll have a little laugh and always get right back in it.

She has this gentle way of guiding you through each unique class. I feel like Barb takes me on this wave that clears my mind, warms my muscles, opens my heart and leaves me feeling grounded, connected and always so happy I did this wonderful thing for my body. Barb is this super strong inspirational woman that clearly follows her heart and is always striving for growth and happiness. "

~ Laura Mara

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