Learn About Herbs

North Branch garden 2020

Here we will explore some of the herbs that are easy to grow, are beautiful, and are treasures for your kitchen and medicine cabinet!  And the bees love them!  I know that I want to do anything I can to help the bees in this difficult toxic world.  They are some of our canaries in the coalmine.

I will be adding information to this page bit by bit, and I will also be sending you to my Blog page to learn more about some of these beauties.  Did you know that plants and humans evolved together and that the plants love to help us?  I think this should be a cooperative relationship, each helping the other to live better.  Great gratitude!


I am passionate about herbs!  As well as my Health Coaching, in which I will use herbs when called for, I do Herbal Consultations for a less time consuming way (in terms of meetings) of working on a health issue. I grow and make most of my herbal remedies which you may have an opportunity to use!

Herbal Consultations with 3 monthly follow ups: An indepth intake process helps me to get to know you.  We will focus on finding suggestions for changes that work for you in your life to address a specific issue you are having with your body with shorter followup sessions to check in and do tweaks or changes that are necessary. 

If I feel that more extensive habit change is required, I will refer you to one of the health coaching options.  By the end of 3 months, you should be feeling some change and possibly be ready to change your protocol again or to eliminate it.  

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