Earth and Sky Musings

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The Butterfly Effect

By Barb Alpert / September 24, 2020

What is the Butterfly Effect? When a butterfly flutters its wings in one place, it affects something else that may be seemingly unaffected. When you think a thought or feel a feeling, it affects another part of your body or something around the world that you may not know is affected. In our bodies, everything…

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green leaves plant


By Barb Alpert / August 23, 2020

Nettles: Urtica dioica, other Urtica species, also Laportea canadensis, the wood nettle is in the same family and has similar properties, but alternate leaves, not opposite.  You find Urtica near rivers and in low lying shady woods and Laportea higher on the mountain trails.  The nettles should be gathered before their flowering.  The flowers hang…

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