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Love Your Liver Spring Cleanse

Release the Heat Fall Cleanse

7 Days to Sugar Free Challenge

Veggie/Fruit 7 Day Challenge

Kick the Sugar Habit


1 1/2 hour classes:

Insulin Resistance

Riding the Wave Above the Stress Factor

Fermenting Vegetables - Why and How

Why Cleanse?

"I would like to comment about Barb Alpert's ability to encourage me to try her Veggie/Fruit Challenge.  She inspired me so much through this time of Covid-19, which is when we all needed inspiration.  It paid off as she taught me how to use Zoom and feel confident with my inadequacies of the computer and smart phone.  She taught me how to take pictures of my meals and share them with the group.  I even lost four pounds that week and did her virtual yoga class.  Wow, exercise with proper cleansing, what a bonus!

I met Barb at work, as we are both massage therapists and Shiatsu practitioners.  She is very skilled in the field of massage and healing.  Her work in spirituality and energy work as well as herbs and nutrition set her above the rest.  She has many people who request her from their positive healing experiences.  With a background in science and nutrition, she knows how to blend them together to help heal.  That is what I really liked about her.  I finally found someone who reads books I read and can converse with her about many subjects.  Barb has gone on to become a functional nutrition practitioner and is always studying to become more knowledgeable.

She inspired me so much that I planted a veggie garden in planter boxes on my porch, but it is nothing like Barb's herbs and blue ribbon gardens that allow her to live off the local community gardens of Stowe and Montpelier.  I must say that Barb walks her talk. She is the best.

Respectfully submitted to encourage others to follow in her footsteps and join her in the next adventure in health and well-being"

~ Mailyn Blough

"I was stuck in a weight gaining trend for several years.  Barb's Veggie and Fruit Challenge helped me turn that around!

I'm now steadily losing weight and feel better than I have in years. Her class was extremely informative, user friendly, and she made it fun.  Her warm and encouraging presence was a vital piece for me.

I highly recommend Barb!"

~ Stephanie Johnson

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