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How is your daily energy?

By Barb Alpert

I just want to touch base with a couple of quick energy hacks you probably already know but may want to review and re-visit. 3 things to give you quick energy on a daily basis: Hot and cold water treatments. This can mean 1)…

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My name is Barb Alpert.

I help people struggling with a health issue connect more fully with their body and learn to make choices that allow them to feel great.

Have you ever had a health issue:

  • That you have ignored and just figured it would go away and it didn’t?
  • And gone to the doctor and your doctor barely had any time to even ask you questions?
  • And gone online to figure out what to do?
  • And noticed that what worked for your friend did not work for you?

Maybe in this process you realized it is because YOU ARE UNIQUE!  Your health and you are very individual and need to be addressed by someone who knows how to, cares to, and has time to address you individually!

Here you can learn to:

  • Empower yourself by working with someone who can help
  • Address your health functionally (see Services: Functional Nutrition Health Coaching)
  • Dig deep and get to the Root Causes
  • Embrace feeling great step by step!

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