Autumn Cleanse Nov. 2nd-Nov. 19th

Get ready for the holidays, boost your winter immunity, and eliminate what impedes you from feeling your best.  We will meet twice a week on a Zoom format to learn how and why, and to answer any questions so you can be successful at this beautiful cleanse. 

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Today we are exposed to more chemicals than ever in the past.  They are in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat.  They’re hidden in body care products, the paints on our walls, the carpets on our floors, the mattresses we sleep on, and the clothing we wear.

One chemical alone the body can naturally detoxify, but such a huge cocktail leaves our bodies challenged.  Our bodies evolved eating natural foods and only rarely having over-abundance.  The rest of the time we lived on the smaller amounts of food that could be gathered, occasionally even having to fast.  Today, there is food everywhere; it is easy to over-eat, and often the food is not of the best quality.

Our bodies have only so much energy and they have to prioritize what they do with it.  Digestion takes a lot of energy, especially if we snack all day.  So if we take a short period of 10 days to 3 weeks and commit to eliminating commonly inflammatory foods, eating only whole foods, mostly plant based, and eating lightly, our bodies have a chance to do what they long ago evolved to do- to detoxify and heal.

If you feel:

  • bloated
  • gassy
  • low energy
  • tired
  • itchy
  • in pain
  • head-achy
  • sugar addicted
  • or that you’d like to be inspired to clean up your habits and drop a few pounds

Then this Cleanse is for you! 

If you’d like to go into the holiday season feeling strong, clear, light, and healthy, this Cleanse is for you!

 If you’d like to be prepared to share some enticing new recipes with your people and make choices that support your health and immunity as you enter this winter, then this is the time to cleanse and lighten and get inspired! 

We will meet Monday and Thursday evenings at 7:30pm for up to an hour for three weeks, six total meetings. Cost is only $79!  Contact me at

$ 0.00
We will have 2 short zoom classes to answer any questions and make our first smoothies together! They will be at 8 am on the 2 Sunday mornings for about 1/2 hour.

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