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What is Functional Nutrition?

Do you want to get to the heart of the matter in what’s going on with your body?

Working functionally is the true future of healthcare, going to the roots of each of our issues, finding a personal solution that works specifically for YOU!

Are you:

  • Resistant to weight loss?
  • Living with pain and inflammation?
  • Having food cravings or comfort eating?
  • Having trouble sleeping?
  • Having terrible periods?

Have you been diagnosed with or know you have:

  • Gastrointestinal (digestive) issues?
  • Anxiety?
  • Depression?
  • An auto-immune disease?
  • Brain fog

If you have tried solving your issues yourself by:

  • Doing your own research and trying to sort through people’s differing opinions?
  • Going to the doctor and not getting what you needed
  • Doing over the counter pharmaceuticals that did not help

You are in the right place!

If you want to:

  • Take charge of your life more completely
  • Learn to really observe and approach your body with curiosity so you can learn from what it is telling you
  • Love yourself more and have a bunch of tools with which to do that 
  • Not do this alone  
  • Have support and an occasional kick in the butt to do these things

 You are in the right place!

What is Health Coaching?

We will take a thorough personal his/herstory, create a map, and experiment to find what truly works for YOUR body.  We address food, water, herbal allies, exercise, emotional, social, mental, and spiritual pieces of your puzzle.  We do this with exercises that bring awareness so you discover what works for your body while using what I have learned.  And then I will use my coaching techniques to help you with your habit change.  Learning to love yourself and to adapt to new habits does not always happen easily.  We go gradually, one step at a time to bring you to a place where you have attained your goals and feel great about your choices!

  1. Health Coaching - 90 Day Transformation! - a gentle guidance to finding your goals and helping you realize them, whether this be weight loss, doubling your daily energy, or dealing with digestive or other health issues, you've got this!  My commitment is to be there with you, supporting, holding you accountable, helping your vision to get realized, giving you the perfect information at the perfect time.
  2. Health Coaching - 30 Day Jumpstart! - we all know it takes more than 30 days to do full habit change, but with a bit of help, 30 days can take you a long way toward your goal.  As in the 90 Day, I will be there with you, holding you accountable and helping you believe in yourself.
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"My Total Body Transformation Discovery session with Barb turned into a huge catalyst for reaching what seemed like my unattainable dreams!  Now these dreams are coming true!  I attribute this to the fact that Barb listened and talked to me at such a deep level and with such a deep commitment and KNOWING that what I only desperately hoped for could really come true for me, and in 90 days.  I changed my diet, and my cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood sugar are all testing better now.  I am adding exercise, which I had never made the habit of, and now see how it makes me feel better and calmer.  I am moving in the right direction, and I have Barb to thank for being a hugely important catalyst in helping me think this was AT ALL possible.  Now, we continue to work and I know, definitely, that it CAN BE DONE." 

~ Dr. Jane Harris, DO

"Barb’s health coaching has been exactly what I needed right now in my life.  I have worked with Barb for the past few months and intend to continue doing so for the foreseeable future.  For our first few months, Barb led me gently into healthier eating habits.  She introduced me to new foods, new recipes, and a new understanding of my body and its nutritional needs. 

We are mid-way through a ten-day detox regimen right now, which Barb wisely selected for me knowing that I needed a more robust intervention to continue making progress.  I am eating better and sleeping better.  My body is happy with the new nutrients that it is getting and has decided to start giving up some of the excess weight that I have accumulated the last few years. 

You should contact Barb immediately if you are ready to choose a more balanced and healthier future!"

 ~Caroline E. 

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