Autumn Detox and Digestive Reset

This Autumn we will be Detoxing out Summer Heat so we do not have to get sick this winter.  We will give some attention to any sugar cravings or addictions we may be entertaining and some methods for overcoming them.  We will eat simply and use a lot of beautiful vegetables to help our detox.  We will learn about castor oil packs, how to use masalas and condiments to make simple food more delicious, using soups and seeds to help satiety as weather cools, and tips to increase our winter immunity to keep us well.  We will learn about redox molecules and reasons for their use as well as simple exercises to keep us centered and moving.

The spring and fall detox each year is a great habit to form and repeat each year.  These help us stay on track, establish, review and renew our good habits, and helps us to love ourselves more!  It is also a great time for a bit of introspection, re-finding your inner source of strength, flexibility, and inspiration.  Join us now!

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We will meet via Zoom on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7:30- 8:30pm, October 24, 26th, and 31st and November 2nd, 7th, and 9th for classses to get us ready for our detox and to share and give support. You will get a nice packet of information including recipes. The Detox will be either vegan or include some chicken or fish if that is your choice. We will use other cleansing methods besides food so come ready to experiment and to feel light, clean, and good!


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