How is your daily energy?

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I just want to touch base with a couple of quick energy hacks you probably already know but may want to review and re-visit. 3 things to give you quick energy on a daily basis: Hot and cold water treatments. This can mean 1) a hot shower with hot/cold/hot/cold/hot/cold at the end.  I promise the…

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Spring into Summer Herbs Class

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Spring into Summer Herbs! Have you ever wanted to know more about the wild herbs growing around you? Have you ever wanted to know more about the benefits and uses of our culinary herbs that we can grow? Wouldn’t it be fun to be friends with the plants enough to be able to pick a…

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Autumn Cleanse Nov. 2nd-Nov. 19th

Get ready for the holidays, boost your winter immunity, and eliminate what impedes you from feeling your best.  We will meet twice a week on a Zoom format to learn how and why, and to answer any questions so you can be successful at this beautiful cleanse.  Register below to join the group! Today we…

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The Butterfly Effect

What is the Butterfly Effect? When a butterfly flutters its wings in one place, it affects something else that may be seemingly unaffected. When you think a thought or feel a feeling, it affects another part of your body or something around the world that you may not know is affected. In our bodies, everything…

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