Spring Detox and Digestive Reset

This year I would like to lead an Ayurvedic detox ala John Douillard.  I love this Detox because it is so scientific and yet comes from ancient wisdom.  I love it because it truly addresses our organs and gets them working better again.  I love it also because it uses herbs to help us address…

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Autumn Cleanse!!

Do you want to: Drop a few pounds and get healthier by shedding some toxins? Pause and re-set before going into winter? Get in better touch with your body before the busy holiday season? Enjoy some healthy, sustaining, hot soups on a cool, dark evening? Learn how to build and build your immunity for winter?…

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Spring into Summer Herbs Class

yellow and violet johnny jumpups

Spring into Summer Herbs! Have you ever wanted to know more about the wild herbs growing around you? Have you ever wanted to know more about the benefits and uses of our culinary herbs that we can grow? Wouldn’t it be fun to be friends with the plants enough to be able to pick a…

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Spring Cleanse!

Time for a Spring Cleanse! Spring is Liver time!  Join me for your Spring Liver Renewal! May 3rd – May 17th Do you want to: Follow the natural rhythm of the seasons? Give your body a bit of a rest? Cleanse your liver and feel lighter and healthier? Get in better touch with your body…

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green leaves plant

Nettles: Urtica dioica, other Urtica species, also Laportea canadensis, the wood nettle is in the same family and has similar properties, but alternate leaves, not opposite.  You find Urtica near rivers and in low lying shady woods and Laportea higher on the mountain trails.  The nettles should be gathered before their flowering.  The flowers hang…

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